Friday, July 30, 2010 move or not to...

has that person that will always
be around,
and here i am sitting at my parents,
house to myself.
No messages from friends in wanting to do
So i guess those friends that i thought
i had are no longer,
They still are great friends but i feel like they think the
distance is to far.
Its not too far i am willing to drive just invite me,
i don't so much like
to come over unannounced.

To move:
-A change, fresh start
-New kid feeling
-Potential awesome new friends
-just NEW

Not to:
-I will miss my awesome ward +Bishop rich
-Friends I've made

1 comment:

Paula said...

You are young, go for the fresh start and new friends, you will keep the old ones. It seems now like you will always have these opportunities, but Heavenly Father sends these our way only once. Go for it.